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About Lysa & David




What is our story? First and foremost, we're husband and wife. Many years after high school, 26 to be exact, we started dating and have been dating ever since. We currently have four dogs, Nola-AKA Goober, Lulu, Cooter/Jim Bob Cooter Brown, and Charli. Jim Bob Cooter is an NFL coach. I fell in love with that name. Don't you think it's fun to say? Jim Bob Cooter. To make it flow, I just HAD to add Brown. So, Jim Bob Cooter Brown it was. Neither of us have kids so these are our fur babies.


I'm (Lysa) an educator and oversee after school programs for a school district in Texas. I have been so extremely lucky to get to do what I love to do and work with the people I work with.  I began my educational career in 1993 and have had some great times and great kiddos! I taught HIgh School Speech Communication before moving into my current area.

My husband runs the store during the day which is perfect for him. That man never meets a stranger! I'm not kidding. I don't care the age.....he IS going to communicate with anyone, one way or the other. It's a very endearing quality he holds.

It all us going to flea markets and just walking around. It is one of our favorite things to do. I was always looking for something for our home and he was always checking out anything pertaining to sports and bass fishing. One day we thought, we should have a booth! He could sell sporting goods and I would sell home goods. So, we did. So, there are two reasons for our name A House Divided. The first because he is a die hard New Orleans Saints fan and I'm a Dallas Cowboy Fan For Life. Couple that with his sporting goods and my home decor, and you have, A House Divided. We did so well at the flea market, we opened our own store. We’re still doing flea markets on the weekends from time to time, but mostly sell online and in our shop.

As they say, the rest is history.....or chaos. I'll let you choose as you read more about us in future. it's still a toss up. 

You can find us on, Facebook, eBay, Instagram and Pinterest. So basically, we’re everywhere and we LOVE it. We’re both selling what we love and getting to work with people on a daily basis. 

Feel free to email us if you ever have any questions or concerns. We just want to make people happy!


Thank you so much for shopping our small business,

Lysa & David