Car Freshie Tips & Tricks


When working with aroma beads and fragrance oil, you have to be patient and know that "not all fragrance oils" are the same.

The typical ratio I use is one ounce of oil for two cups of beads. Why CUPS and not OUNCES or POUNDS? When I began, I didn't use a a scale. In fact, I "assumed" (you know where this is headed right???)



Lysa's Recipe

1 Ounce of fragrance oil

2 Cups of Aroma Beads


But like I said, all oils are different. "Leather" for example can take longer to dry and/or you may need to add some beads.

When you add your oil and beads to your jar, shake a few times a day until beads are dry and no longer stick to the side of the jar.


Send me your questions and I'll put them on the site.




 New Car Smell  One Part Vanilla  Two Parts Leather
 Australian Cowboy  One Part Cowboy  One Part 
 Cowboy Britches  One Part Leather  One Part Black Ice
 Kangaroo Cowboy  One Part Leather  One Part Kiwi
 Coffee Leather  One Part Leather  One Part Coffee
 Naked Cowboy  One Part Leather  One Part Butt Naked




1. How many beads does it take to make one freshie?

  • On average, it takes about 2 ounces or 1/2 cup. Keep in mind that larger cookie cutters or molds, will take more. However, you can offset this by creating an opening in the freshie. For example, if you use a Texas cookie cutter, use a mini star cutter to take up some space and save some of those beads. :) See below.
  • texas.png

2.  How long does the smell last on a freshie?

  • So this one is tricky. Why? Because YOU will get used to the smell after a few weeks. Also known as being "nose blind". So this is what you do, ask someone who is not in your car a lot to see if they smell it. With that said, depending on the season and where you live, it should last one-two months.